Help & Tips

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Selecting Animations:

Touch a thumbnail to select it. This will animate the thumbnail and copy the animation to the clipboard, where it can be used in email and text messages.

Using Animations in Email and Text Messages:

Select an animation as described above and tap on either the Texting or Email buttons at the bottom of the page. The animation is copied to the clipboard, so it can be pasted into messages.

Pasting Animations into Messages:

To paste an animation into a message, double tap the message and select paste.

Adding Animations to Favorites:

Touch and hold a thumbnail for 2 seconds. Release when you hear the whooshing sound. A yellow star will appear on the thumbnail to indicate that it is a favorite.

Removing Favorites:

The process is the same as adding to favorites. Go to the Favorites Page. Touch and hold a thumbnail for 2 seconds, until you hear the Whooshing sound. The thumbnail will disappear when you release it.

Selecting Email Accounts:

After opening the Email page, touch the line labeled ‘Cc/Bcc,From.’ This will cause the line to separate into 3 lines. Touching the new ‘From:’ line will display a picker wheel containing all mail accounts registered on your phone. Touch the name of one of the accounts to select it and dismiss the picker wheel.

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